I would like to take this opportunity to introduce You First Services, Inc., where we strive to enhance and improve human lives through research and developments. Following the idea of innovation and execution, we introduce technologies that will significantly impact the welfare of the community while being accountable to the public. You First Services derives its strength from its par excellent expertise, staff, high profile partnerships, scientific ventures and collaborative research.

Our innovative and scientific approaches will continue to bring unique applications for wider use as well as for the company’s long term sustenance. It also means working to improve the quality of life by supporting efforts that enrich the lives of others. We will ensure an ethical culture developed on the basis of shared values and believe that our novel concepts are our true assets, vital for the sustenance of our highly innovative organization. We believe our greatest assets are human capital. We will continue to pursue new discoveries that advance sustainability for our clients and for our company.

You First Services will provide opportunities to individuals to explore their full potential and empower them to what they do best. With world renowned scientists contributing to the research projects of the company, we will bring high output technologies that will make a significant impact in future healthcare and promise to decrease healthcare costs. Our contributing scientists have a track record of introducing health care technologies to the market that have eventually helped millions in their health care. We continue to introduce many such technologies.

Continuous improvement, in the way we work to deliver value to people, is central to how we think and act. We have invested considerable time in the improvement and standardization of processes, ensuring a consistently high level of service. It is our duty to see that the highest quality research applications are delivered by highly skilled professionals with a human touch and highest technology. It’s a daunting task, but one I relish.

We will join hands with likeminded groups nationally and internationally to achieve our goals. Our commitments in this area will extend from fostering global partnerships, introducing innovative technologies, targeting financial support for charitable causes and creating foundations to help the need for female youth education initiatives in developing countries.

I assure you while fulfilling our broad range of responsibilities, ranging from converting ideas to products and job creations to exciting technologies, You First and its group of companies will continue to introduce and create an environment where the world’s best talents may find expression of their thoughts.

We will continue to work hard to achieve our goals. As we move forward in our journey we would like to thank you for your unstinting support and look forward to your continued commitment to You First Services and to the future of healthcare

–  Satish Sharma, MD, FACS, Executive Chairman, You First Services & Group of Companies
Chairman of the Board of Directors, You First Services & Group of Companies