Our Mission

You First Services aims to provide advancements in healthcare through innovative products. Our company aggressively seeks the acquisition of technologies and health focused applications, nationally and internationally, that will improve the well-being of consumers. We take active risks to bring these innovative solutions to market, while striving to achieve our lofty goal of offering products that can change healthcare throughout the world.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a premier healthcare manufacturing company, devoted to our corporate framework, that is highlighted by the acquisition, development, compliance, manufacturing, distribution and global availability of our products and technologies. Our global partnerships will introduce unique, innovative products that contribute to a decrease in health maintenance and an increase in the well-being of the consumer.

Guiding Principles

You First Services core values include integrity, quality, commitment and innovation. These core values have established a solid foundation for the company's success. Our future must ensure that all values remain relevant as they continue to influence others. We cultivate success through our continued focus on innovation and execution.

We will target collaborations with proactive, innovative and ethically like-minded groups and companies. We will collaborate with partners to achieve stable, long-term growth and mutual benefits, while supporting our clients with honesty and integrity. We will develop and market advanced health care technologies and provide outstanding products that fulfill the needs of our customers.

We will uphold high ethical standards, and obey all relevant laws, rules, and regulations. We will devote our business to providing safe and effective products that enhance the quality of life.

We will strive to hire and retain qualified people and maximize their opportunities for success through training and development. We will continue to build and maintain a corporate culture that increases both individual creativity and the value of teamwork.