Tissue Moisturization & Friction Reduction Technologies

Our innovative technology for tissue friction reduction is currently applied to treat the symptoms of Xerostomia. Xerostomia, or dry mouth, is a common yet debilitating side effect of many medications. Xerostomia can lead to oral health problems including cavities and infection. Often times it is not possible to correct the cause of Xerostomia, so treatment typically focuses on relieving the symptoms. Learn more

Oral Care Technology

We have developed a proprietary formulation scientifically designed to alleviate the symptoms of metallic taste that occurs due to various causes. Developed by renowned scientists, this innovative product also cools the mouth and freshens breath. Unpleasant, metallic tastes in the mouth is a type of disorder known medically as dysgeusia, which can develop suddenly or over longer periods of time. Many things can affect the sense of taste and, in turn, cause a metallic taste in the mouth. Learn more

Plasma Cleaning, Disinfection and Sterilization Technologies

Our unique, rapidly acting, gas plasma system is currently  being tested for multiple applications, one of which is for sterilization of complex plastic medical devices. The product is ideal for treatments to hard surfaces including cleaning, etching, and coating; processing of heat and moisture sensitive equipment, small plastic parts, textiles, filtration fabrics, and many more popular materials for daily use. Further, as we progress through the final stages of development, this technology, combined with another one of our innovations, has the potential to solve problems in the area of terminal sterilization of reusable hard surfaces used in the medical field. Learn More

Air and Environmental Surface Disinfection Technology

This innovative and unique technology functions by moving large masses of air into a compressor.  A mechanical blower compresses and moves the contaminated air.  It rapidly compresses the flowing air stream and packs the air into a small volume chamber using a positive displacement pump.  The rapid compression causes intense heating of the pathogen laden air, producing internal treatment temperatures in the range of 240 °C (464 °F).  The result is the consistent incineration-killing of all air-borne biological contaminants contained in the airstream.

This constant flow compressive heating system kills micro-organisms almost instantaneously from the uniform heating effect.  It assures a complete kill of all viable micro-organisms introduced into the airflow inlet.  It also eliminates chemical toxins, environmental pollutants and organic particles using catalytic oxidation. Learn More


Biofilm Removal & Infection Control Technologies

Biofilm formation is proposed to be the primary cause in the development of catheter associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI). Biofilms are responsible for about 60% of all microbial infections in the human body and the induced infections are usually never completely eliminated and are responsible for recurrent infections. Bacteria in the biofilms could be one thousand times more resistant to antibiotics than the same bacteria grown in liquid medium. The urgent need to combat urinary tract infections has been recognized universally, and with the help of our new technology, we are taking up the challenge of minimizing CAUTI by eliminating its root cause, the biofilm. Learn more

Sustained Cooling Technology

We have developed a unique and vibrant mouth rinse designed for instant breath freshening, prolonged mouth cooling effect along with cognitive alertness, has mainly GRAS listed ingredients with food grade cooling agents, viscosity enhancer, and a low dose of caffeine for slow release to systemic circulation within a buffering system. The buccal delivery system has been traditionally used for quick drug delivery to circumvent first pass effect and improve drug bioavailability. The formulation has natural zero calorie sweeteners. Learn more

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder Control Technology

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is considered one of the most complex and most used joints in the human body, because of the degrees of motion associated with the joint. Temporomandibular disorder (TMD) is defined as a group of conditions that affect the masticatory muscles, the TMJ, and surrounding structures, and also include sprain and strain injuries to this anatomical region. Sprains may involve supporting ligaments of the TMJ, including the collateral ligament, capsular ligament, and temporomandibular ligament. Approximately 60–70% of the general population has at least one sign of a TMD, which include limited mouth opening, clicking, and locking. We are developing a custom built TMJ using state of the art technologies such as cone-MRI, CT, CAD/CAM designing and 3D printing. The material we use for construction of implant components is biocompatible, has high flexural strength, low friction, a low wear rate, is corrosion resistant, and can withstand high loads and have high fracture toughness. We use our proprietary lubrication technology to prolong the life of the TMJ.