The YFS Foundation believes that everyone, no matter their gender, age or where they live in this world, deserves the opportunity to receive a meaningful education. 

Tragically, there are at least 65 million young girls in various developing countries that are never given a chance to even attend school. These girls traditionally marry much too young. Many become mothers when they are still children. They are unable to ever earn a meaningful wage, and they know of no reasons to encourage their own kids to go to school. This continues the horrible cycle of poverty and despair in their communities and actually holds down the development of entire countries. 

The YFS Foundation is deeply committed to doing all it can to break these cycles of despair.

We also believe in helping find truly essential collegiate support for local high school students in Western New York that have excelled in their studies, need financial assistance, and are intent on pursuing careers in the many fields of science. 

The YFS Foundation has a Memorandum of Understanding and ongoing partnership with IIMPACT, a well-respected and efficient not-for-profit corporation in India. Our foundation is now supporting the ongoing education of sixty young girls in three 'Learning Centers' in this country. None of the girls had ever been in school before, nor were there plans for them to attend, until our help arrived!

We are about to enter another Memorandum of Understanding with HOSIKIDS. This wonderful not-for-profit organization's Mission is to enrich the lives of uninsured and underprivileged schoolchildren in a rural community in Ghana by providing basic quality education and primary health care. 100% of our support will be directly used by them to enroll additional young girls throughout that community in their school.

We are also in the process of organizing the Western New York Educational Collaborative. This partnership will be dedicated to providing college supports for local high-achieving students interested in pursuing studies in the various fields of science.