You First Services commercializes new technologies developed in partnership with leading scientific institutions and academia.


We participate in research & development of new technologies in the fields of healthcare, environmental protection and industrial disinfection.


You First Services is investing $2.6 million to create YFS Pharma - an advanced pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Buffalo, NY.


We strive to create diverse partnerships with like-minded organizations worldwide to advance our research and improve the quality of life globally


The YFS Foundation, Inc. is committed to helping provide one of the most essential and valuable commodities for basic hope - EDUCATION!



You First Services, Inc. was established in May 2013 with an overall goal of introducing innovative healthcare applications and solutions. Our company specializes in the Acquisition, Development, Manufacturing and Commercialization of unique scientific technologies. Our team strives to explore innovative healthcare solutions that enhance and improve lives, while creating diverse partnerships to acquire new technologies worldwide. From technology transfer and manufacturing all the way to global outreach, we handle everything from start to finish. If you’re looking to work hand in hand with a dedicated research and development company, contact us today.


Our innovative and scientific approaches will continue to bring unique applications for wider use as well as for the company’s long term sustenance. It also means working to improve the quality of life by supporting efforts that enrich the lives of others. We will ensure an ethical culture developed on the basis of shared values and believe that our novel concepts are our true assets, vital for the sustenance of our highly innovative organization.


You First Services, Inc. is deeply committed to providing educational needs locally and around our world. We believe that a quality education is a basic foundation for anyone’s future. This charitable organization is dedicated to supporting the basic educational needs of young girls in developing countries as well as providing essential collegiate assistance for local students pursuing science and technology careers. There are untold millions of girls overseas that never have a chance to go to school. They are stuck in a desperate cycle of poverty and despair that handicaps entire societies. There are also many well-deserving, high-achieving high school students in Western New York that could never afford the college demands for books, supplies, housing and tuition.

The YFS Foundation’s work brings immediate and lasting qualitative improvements to these individual lives and communities. We are totally devoted to instilling hope where it is needed.

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